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 Additions and New Construction


In our practice, we seek to create new buildings that stand in a proper relationship with their context, whether natural or man made. We work to re-weave the fabric of New England domestic architecture where it is present, and to enter into a stimulating dialogue with any site.


We believe strongly that houses should be about ideas, whether reflective of tradition or engaging the future.



Consulting Services


Because of our expertise in preservation and building in context, and our record of service on community and public bodies, we are often asked to provide advisory and consulting services to clients whose potential projects may require a careful path through the public approval process, or whose property may be affected by another proposed activity.


In this role we work closely with our clients' legal counsel and reach out to the technical expertise that may be required to insure a positive and mutually satisfactory outcome. Frank McGuire's past service on the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission, and current activity as a Director of the Beacon Hill Civic Association give our clients' perspective  on the issues that may impact any potential project.





Frank McGuire Architects works

to define and mold interior spaces and circulation, to create volumes and sequence that enhance the quality of space and unite interior pattern and exterior form. We draw on the rich traditions of interior planning as well as the dramatic potential of contemporary and structural expression.


We work closely with our clients' Interior Designers, as we respect and value their expertise, and seek to build a coherent team wherein each player's expertise is maximized to our clients' benefit.


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